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T-REX Soulmate All-In-One Acoustic Pedalboard

Soulmate All-In-One Acoustic Pedalboard

SoulMate PedalBoard

Having some cool effects at your disposal when playing your acoustic instrument can highlight your performance and playing, but the effects should not cover up the instrument´s acoustic properties/sound and should act as “enhancers” of what´s already there. With a good pickup system, what most players look for is subtle changes, because essentially, they want to hear the instrument, only louder.

Gus G in Italia per un’unica eccezionale clinic!

Gus G in Italia per un’unica eccezionale clinic!

GusG byEricFairchild

La M. Casale Bauer S.p.A. ospiterà, venerdì 6 ottobre 2016, presso la prestigiosa location del Fender Custom Shop Showcase, La clinic di Gus G, chitarrista di Ozzy Osbourne e Firewind! Il chitarrista Greco, endorser Jackson, ha da poco ottenuto il suo modello signature, basato sulla forma “Star” e disponibile nelle serie JS, X e USA Select.




The Orange Acoustic Pre is the world’s first stereo valve acoustic preamp/active DI, offering supreme clarity and unrivalled performance for uncompromising performers. Engineered for both stage and studio use this valve design affords acoustic players the same warmth, natural compression and rich harmonics previously only available to electric guitarists and hi-fi audiophiles.

Sub’n’Up Mini Octaver

TC ELECTRONIC Sub’n’Up Mini Octaver
powerful effects in a tiny pedalboard

TC ELECTRONIC Sub n Up Mini Octaver s

With the Sub 'N' Up Mini, TC Electronic has given the musicians the same tonal possibilities as its full-size brother Sub 'N' Up pedal. In addition the “MINI” can find its space on any cramped pedalboard looking tiny but sounding huge.

Focusing on simplicity and ease of use, it features a simple 3-knob layout stripping to the bone for a minimal footprint, with Dry, Sub, and Up dials giving you an impressive amount of octaves quickly.

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