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Fornendo una copertura del pubblico ottimale, HORIZON VHA rappresenta un passo avanti nella tecnologia del sound reinforcement con una qualità del suono eccezionale. Realizzata in Italia con l'eccellenza manifatturiera senza compromessi per la quale è nota FBT, la serie HORIZON VHA comprende l'intera gamma VHA406A, più due opzioni per la low-end extension (12 "VHA112SA e 18" VHA118SA).


Hear Back PRO Digital Overlay personal monitor

Hear Back PRO Digital Overlay revolutionizes personal monitor labeling
Ultra-clear OLED screens mean no more markers

Hear Back PRO 1

Hear Technologies is now shipping the newest bright idea, the PRO Digital Overlay, an accessory to their flagship Hear Back PRO personal monitor mixer system that makes their already straightforward HB PRO Mixers even more user-friendly.


Breach Amps Italian handmade amplifier

Breach Amps




Breach amps all tube amplifiers are designer and hand built in Italy by Pierpaolo Bruschi, with selected components and fine Italian transformers, custom-manufactured by Onori for each circuit.

Breach amps amplifiers are well rooted in the tradition, hand wired Point-To-Point, with highly interactive tone stacks, and Tube Rectified, Cathode Bias output stages.

Vintage oriented but with modern versatility, the amps are focused on a simple, almost minimalistic, yet versatile control layout. The amplifier's natural dynamics allow the guitar player to manage the tone effortlessly through his touch, on stages of all sizes.

Design plays an important role in Breach amps building style: the look of the amps is inspired to the legendary Italian Lancia Rally cars of the ‘60s and the ‘70s.


Sanremo sotto assedio Covid

Sanremo sotto assedio Covid


Un altro sospetto caso colpisce l’orchestra e rallenta le prove all’Ariston in vista del Festival di Sanremo 2021.