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The Art of Jazz Guitar - George Benson

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The Art of Jazz Guitar from George Benson
Hal Leonard Release

George Benson The Art of Jazz Guitar

MILWAUKEE - For years, the Hot Licks guitar instruction video series has been providing musicians with superb visual instruction to strengthen their guitar-playing ability. Now, videos from the Hot Licks series are being made available in book format with online access of the classic footage. The latest addition to the series is George Benson - The Art of Jazz Guitar. Over the course of a 60-plus year career, Benson has worked with the likes of Miles Davis, Brother Jack McDuff, Aretha Franklin and more, and has released over 35 studio albums while scoring 10 Grammy Awards. 

The Art of Jazz Guitar book includes guitar tab and new, accurate transcriptions, along with 10 chapters and over 30 examples for students to follow while watching the corresponding video lessons. Throughout the book, Benson covers: Chromatics, Scat Singing, the Wes Montgomery style, the "Piano Rattling" Technique, "On Broadway" changes, Rock & Roll Influences, Turnarounds, Influences, and more. In addition to examples provided, Benson plays several virtuoso solo jazz and blues guitar performances, providing further proof of his complete mastery of jazz guitar.

For video access, each book features a unique code giving students access to the videos via the Hal Leonard MyLibrary website. The videos are available to be streamed or downloaded directly to devices.

Select titles from the Hot Licks series are being re-introduced to audiences everywhere in the all-new transcribed and edited book/online video format. Other Hot Licks books currently available include Eric Johnson - Total Electric Guitar, Brent Mason - Nashville Chops & Western Swing Guitar, and The Legendary Guitar of Jason Becker.

George Benson - The Art of Jazz Guitar retails for $19.99.