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Stuart Zender ‘Chubby Groove’ tour

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Stuart Zender
‘Chubby Groove’ tour

Stuart Zender


"Ashdown amps have a superior punchy bass tone with no extra colouring".

Earlier this year, Ashdown Artist and bass legend, Stuart Zender was out on tour in Japan with Inaba/Salas for their ‘Chubby Groove’ tour which saw 15 sold out concerts throughout Japan in January/February 2017.

The Chubby Groove album is a result of a collaboration between Japanese vocalist Koshi Inaba - the lead singer of Japan's biggest selling rock band, the B’z and Stevie Salas.

Whilst out in Japan, Stuart caught up with Ashdown’s Japanese Distributor, Kikutani Music for a short interview that has been made available to

VENOM INC. – Videointervista

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parlano della storia e dell’evoluzione della band


La reincarnazione dei padrini del black metal, VENOM INC., pubblicherà l’album “Avé” venerdì prossimo, 11 agosto, su Nuclear Blast.

Oggi la band pubblica la quinta parte di una videointervista in cui si parla del dietro le quinte di “Avé”. Qui i VENOM INC. raccontano la storia e l’evoluzione del gruppo.

"Stef Burns, Claudio "GALLO" Golinelli, Will Hunt "

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Stef Burns, Claudio "GALLO" Golinelli, Will Hunt
ovvero la band del Blasco
una imperdibile intervista al Power Trio in tour col Vasco Rossi Live Kom 016

Burns Golinelli Hunt

Vasco LiveKom 2016, il nuovo tour estivo del rocker italiano ha fatto tappa anche a Roma per ben quattro date. In una di queste abbiamo avuto modo di incontrare una parte della band di Vasco Rossi e scambiare due simpatiche chiacchiere con loro. Il risultato è stata una esilarante ma interessante intervista a Claudio Golinelli (basso), Stef Burns (chitarra) e Will Hunt (batteria) che, oltre che affrontare discorsi personali e di palco, ci hanno illustrato anche il loro nuovo e prossimo Power Trio Tour.

"Thomas Blug - The artistic engineer"

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Thomas Blug 

Thomas Blug on the guitar

Thomas Blug is a German musician, guitarist, musical electronic engineer and composer. He formed his own band Thomas Blug Band with whom he released three albums besides his solo albums. He has also worked with band Dreist with whom he released an album in 1997 and a live album a decade later. Great engineer who worked for Hughes & Kettner for 25 years he founded his own company in 2014: the BluGuitar.

"Interview at Soren Andersen"

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Soren Andersen

SorenAndersen Yamaha

Soren Andersen is a Danish guitarist, producer and songwriter, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works as a touring guitarist for Glenn Hughes and Mike Tramp. He does most of his productions in the Medley Studios, which he co-owns. He has worked with artists such as Artillery, Jay Nash and Baal