Amp World at Musikmesse

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Amp World at Musikmesse

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Combine guitar amps and speakers at the press of a button: ‘Amp World’ at Musikmesse presents heads and cabinets by top brands

This is where electric guitarists can be sure of finding the ultimate sound. At the new ‘Amp World powered by Musik Produktiv’ area at Musikmesse 2018, amplifiers and cabinets from 16 companies are interconnected via a switching system. By simply pressing a button, it is possible to combine all stacks quickly and easily. Amp World is located in an acoustically separated area of Hall 9.0.

On an area of 150 square metres, visitors can see and hear products from Blackstar, Diezel, Engl, EVH, Friedman, Hughes & Kettner, Karl's, Morgan, Orange, Peavey, Pedaltrain, Randall, Schmidt Array, Suhr, Synergy and Victory. To create Amp World, hundreds of metres of cable have to be laid, to combine the individual components with high-grade switches. This ensures it is possible to switch between all different head/cab combinations without any sound loss or delays. Guitarists can also try out extraordinary stacks via remote control and test them with a large selection of guitars. It is also possible to make an A/B test to compare different settings.

Musikmesse will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 11 to 14 April 2018. A private-visitor ticket is available for the Friday afternoon (from 14.00 hrs) and the Saturday, which is valid for the entire period (1.5 days). This ticket also entitles the holder to use local public-transport services operated by the RMV public-transport authority in Frankfurt and the region. Additionally, Musikmesse visitors receive a free Festival wristband with which they can attend Musikmesse Festival events at a reduced price or even free of charge.

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