Highlights for guitar fans

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Highlights for guitar fans

Highlights for guitar fans Camp

The line-up of the Guitar Camp is complete. At the last minute, guitar guru Guthrie Govan, one of the scene’s best all-round guitarists, has agreed to take part. He played with the legendary band Asia from 2001 to 2006 and will pass on his practical and theoretical knowledge daily in the Camp and in the Academy. The Guitar Boutique Village in Hall 8.0 presents hand-made instruments by renowned boutique manufacturers. And, in the ‘World of Vintage Guitars’ there will be meets and greets with stars such as Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones live bassist), Ken Taylor, Peter Keller (Peter Maffay Band), Thomas Blug and Andreas Kloppmann.

Musikmesse Guitar CampHighlights for guitar fans Boutique 

A guitarist is playing at the "Sweat, Blood and Tears Box" at Musikmesse
Experience guitarists at first-hand.

At the Guitar Camp, you can experience the energy-charged performances of world-famous artists at first hand. The heart of the camp is the ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears Box’: in the intimate atmosphere of the sound-proof cabin, you can get closer to top musicians than at any concert. Stars of the guitar scene are on their original instruments and setups every day of the fair.

After their performance, the guitarists are available to answer questions about their sets and techniques, as well as they were available for photos and autographs.

Guitar Boutique Village

Customised, hand-made instruments are becoming increasingly popular. They range from acoustic guitars and basses to technically advanced electric guitars, from exclusive and high-priced products to plucked instruments for everyday use. The demand for individuality is growing continuously. In the Guitar Boutique Village, a variety of companies presents individual, custom-made products, which can be played in peace in a special testing cabin.

Highlights for guitar fans VintageThe World of Vintage Guitars
At ‘The World of Vintage Guitars’ area, an exhibition entitled ‘Fender by Leo Fender: The Evolution of Fender’s Electric Guitars 1950-1964’ uses original instruments to show the development of Leo Fender’s models during the golden years from the early fifties to mid-sixties. Additionally, the Fender Custom Shop presents a large selection of individual instruments handmade in the USA during this period, as well as vintage guitars played by legends such as Bonamassa, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughan and other stars.

Many genuine treasures will be available for visitors to play in a separate room. Guitar fans have the chance to make their own impression of the special vibes generated by vintage instruments. Under the motto ‘Rate your Guitar’, visitors can also have their guitars valued and assessed by experts, who will also tell them about any wood used in the manufacture of the instrument that is listed in the CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Another highlight is the ‘Fender Custom Shop Lounge’, a meeting place for the scene and the venue for meet and greets with Darryl Jones (live bassist of the Rolling Stones), Ken Taylor, Peter Keller (Peter Maffay band), Thomas Blug, Andreas Kloppmann and other Musikmesse stars.

‘The World of Vintage Guitars’ special area is to be found in Galleria 0 and is organised by the No. 1 Guitar Centre Hamburg in cooperation with the Fender Custom Shop and the Thünen Institute.

Highlights for guitar fans AMPSAmp World
Heads and cabinets by top brands
The new ‘Amp World powered by Musik Produktiv’ area presents amplifiers and cabinets from 16 companies which are interconnected via a switching system. By simply pressing a button, it is possible to combine all stacks quickly and easily.

On an area of 150 square metres in Hall 9.0, visitors can see and hear products from Blackstar, BluGuitar AMP1, Diezel, Engl, EVH, Friedman, Hughes & Kettner, Karl's, Morgan, Orange, Peavey, Pedaltrain, Randall, Schmidt Array, Suhr, Synergy and Victory.