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Warwick Bass Guitars

Scritto da Phillip. Postato in Musikmesse 2016

Warwick Bass Guitars


Warwick Alien Deluxe 6 string

All classic Warwick Made in Germany models are now once more crafted with necks made from Wenge wood, which we purchase exclusively from FSC-certified sources. This means we have brought back the classic Warwick Growl, now combined with the cutting-edge production techniques that you will only findin our one-of-a-kind manufacturing facility. The result is extraordinary instruments with peerless tone, punch, and playability that you will not find anywhere else. Experience the classic Warwick Growl - "THE SOUND OF WOOD", made possible by our very own Wenge necks!

"DR201 - HIWATT 200W Bass Head and more... "

Scritto da Redazione. Postato in Musikmesse 2016

DR201 - HIWATT 200W Bass Head and more...


This amp again is a tried and tested classic. The schematics are faithfully followed from the original dr201 from the very first Hiwatt line up. 4xKT88s, 3xECC83s and an ECC81 along with the trusty Partridge designed transformers delivers the sound and tone in spades. Although not as awesomely loud as the 400w, the 200 Head has its loyal fans and the front and rear controls are identical on both heads

"Ashdown Musikmesse 2016 Overview"

Scritto da Dan Gooday. Postato in Musikmesse 2016

Ashdown Musikmesse 2016 Overview


The Ashdown story starts in 1997, but even in those early days, company founder Mark Gooday could've already easily been described as a bass amp veteran. Having already been one of the driving forces behind another leading UK manufacturer of bass amplification, Gooday had racked up awards and plaudits for his pioneering approach and now had his sights set on even loftier aspirations.

"Boss - Pedals and Accessories"

Scritto da Redazione. Postato in Musikmesse 2016

Boss - Pedals and Accessories

boss pedals

For this Musikmesse 2016 Boss has unveiled the RC-202, a two-track desktop loop station aimed at DJs, beatboxers and live performers, the VE-8 Acoustic Singer multi-effects pedal, the TU-3W and TU-3S tuners, and lots of pedal effects.

"Lakewood - The new J-50 Premium"

Scritto da Redazione. Postato in Musikmesse 2016

The new J-50 Premium

Lakewood J-50Premium

The Premium series has got a new baby - the J-50 Premium. Well, it is a pretty big newborn, we have to admit. After all we are talking about a full-size Jumbo guitar that we have taken into the Premium series!