"Blackstar ID:Core 100 and 150 - Musikmesse 2016"

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Blackstar ID:Core 100 and 150 - Musikmesse 2016


After the incredible success of the Blackstar's latest additions to the ID:Core range back at NAMM, the company has officially launched the ID:Core 100 and 150 here at the Musikmesse 2016.

Clocking respectively at 2x50 watts and 2x75 watts, the ID:Core 100 and 150 are high-power entries in Blackstar's previously practice amp-orientated line, and offer high volumes and tonal flexibility from a lightweight combo.

With the release of these amplifiers Blackstar marks the debut of a polyphonic octaver (up or down), as well as a built-in looper with unlimited overdubs, with undo and clear functions using the included footswitch. 

Elsewhere, the amps retain the six voices from the existing ID:Core series - clean warm, clean bright, crunch, super crunch OD 1 and OD 2 - albeit revoiced for the new combos' more traditional guitar speakers, as well as Blackstar's Super Wide Stereo tech and modulation, delay and reverb effects.




As always, Blackstar's ISF control makes an appearance, as does compatibility with its Insider software for deep editing and patch storing - a USB port also allows the amps to function as recording interfaces, while a speaker-emulated line out offers easy integration with existing recording setups. It's a formidable spec list and, if we consider the incredible low price (£229 for the 100 and £299 for the 150) the perfect amp is already in your music store.