"Lakewood - The new J-50 Premium"

Scritto da Redazione. Postato in Musikmesse 2016

The new J-50 Premium

Lakewood J-50Premium

The Premium series has got a new baby - the J-50 Premium. Well, it is a pretty big newborn, we have to admit. After all we are talking about a full-size Jumbo guitar that we have taken into the Premium series!

Back & sides are made of AAAA flamed maple that has been tinted to a warm gold-brown color. Thus the tonal warmth is underlined by the optical appearance.

The remaining features line in with the siblings of the Premium series. The sound hole rosette has been crafted in the premium design, the ebony headstock veneer appeals noble by the high-gloss finish and the snakewood bindings give a taste of what is possibly to be continued in the Lakewood Customshop.

Last but not least, the sound is what you think of when you dream about a beautiful jumbo, but just a hint better. 

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