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Bespeco - L'arte dei cavi made in Italy

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Bespeco - L'arte dei cavi made in Italy

La Bespeco nasce nel 1985 e da allora ha sempre creato ed inventato accessori per strumenti musicali, mantenendo saldo il proprio obiettivo: tutela della proprietà intellettuale e difesa del 'made in Italy'.

E' cresciuta progressivamente con uno sguardo al futuro, sia sul piano del design e sia sulla qualità della propria produzione tanto che oggi vanta un esclusivo riconoscimento: il premio come azienda leader nel settore brevetti di invenzioni industriali e di design.

Pigtronix effetcts 2012

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Pigtronix effetcts 2012


Pigtronix is inspired to design and manufacture futuristic analog effects. Each one of the pedals is a unique and original creation, containing forward thinking design features not found in other stompboxes.

In recent years, much of the effects market has been focused on a “vintage” sensibility. While many effects companies address this phenomenon by either cloning classic designs or creating digital emulations, Pigtronix strives to push beyond the sonic boundaries of the past. Each of our pedals contain features that are not found anywhere else, allowing musicians to make sounds that no one has heard ever before.

Peavy - Musikmesse 2012

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Musikmesse 2012

Driven by an unmatched legacy of innovation and a total dedication to quality and reliability, Peavey Electronics embodies the pursuit of perfection in music and audio. It's our unifying spirit. It's proven. And it continues today.

Trace Elliot AH1200-12

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Trace Elliot AH1200-12

It is immediately apparent that Trace Elliot have searched alot to improve on their standard design without compromise. The rig’s fit and finish is high quality, the head and speakers come with well-made water-resistant covers and Neutrik LN2 speaker cables. The AH1200-12 is laid out in traditional Trace Elliot style, with many signature features, like the foot-switchable 12-band EQ and tube circuit with BLEND knob.