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EBS Professional Bass Equipment - Designed and Developed in Sweden. Used by professional bassists, guitarists and keyboardists all over the World since 1988.

EBS concept is to develop and build equipment geared towards professional and semi-professional musicians, always improving the professional profile of EBS. EBS Sweden AB design and develop professional bass equipment used by bass players, guitarists, studios and other musicians all over the world since 1988.


EBS now comes full circle with the High Definition bass heads releasing the new version EBS HD360!

EBS HD360. The new head features an improved preamp with better low frequency respons and more head room than the previous 350 model. More new features include support for using a 4-channel footswitch, such as the EBS RM-4 to connect Character filter, Filter Bypass, Drive and Mute. A mix-in filter for the effects loop, and a built in Speaker Simulator for the XLR-output are other new features. The HD360 is a 100% solid state bass amp with an exceptional transparent sound and powerful EQ. The HD360 is entirely made in Sweden. Price will be the same as the HD 350, which means around 1250 Euro.




EBS Session 30. EBS continue to expand the popular Session combo series, now with a little 30 W bass combo featuring an 8" speaker. Like it's bigger brothers, the Session 30 use a scale downed Classic 450 amp to deliver a surprisingly solid bottom and defined bass tone. The input Gain can be used to add distortion, and the Bass and Treble tone controls helps shape the tone. The amp is protected, so you can run it on full volume and gain without doing damage to the speaker. On top of this, the Session 30 features a profesionall XLR output and Headphones out, which makes it perfect for practice and home recording!

Price around 189 Euro. The Session 30 is due to ship from June.

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