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Sub’n’Up Mini Octaver

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TC ELECTRONIC Sub’n’Up Mini Octaver 
powerful effects in a tiny pedalboard

TC ELECTRONIC Sub n Up Mini Octaver

With the Sub 'N' Up Mini, TC Electronic has given the musicians the same tonal possibilities as its full-size brother Sub 'N' Up pedal. In addition the “MINI” can find its space on any cramped pedalboard looking tiny but sounding huge. 

Focusing on simplicity and ease of use, it features a simple 3-knob layout stripping to the bone for a minimal footprint, with Dry, Sub, and Up dials giving you an impressive amount of octaves quickly. 

Naturally, you can still turn Sub 'N' Up Mini into an old school monophonic octaver for that crackling pitch glitch of the olden days. Using the free TonePrint app, you can easily switch between hi-fi polyphonic and old school monophonic modes for easy access to all of the tones available in the full-size Sub ‘N’ Up.

If you're into a more modern sound and feel, the polyphonic octave algorithm keeps all your notes tracking true even when playing chords and harmonies or laying down the bottom pitch.

Hi-Fi Harmony
Though the pedal is deceptively small, it's tonal abilities are huge.
Polyphonic tracking lets you add 12-string chime to your ballads. Then you can add a low octave for a larger sound to fill out the bottom. And another deeper octave below the previous one, adds some seismic girth to your tone.
The state of the art polyphonic algorithm tracks your playing evenly through complex chords or sultry licks without losing a step.

Tons of Vintage Tones
The old school monophonic mode is like a pitches brew full of psychedelic inspiration, sure to really fill out the sound of your two-man garage band.
Slap on a fuzz and unleash your inner flute player fantasies in a purple haze of glitchy octaves and feedback or turn up the low notes for some sick synth maladies.

Unleash the Pitch Inside
TonePrint technology is the ace up Sub 'N' Up Mini's sleeve.
The free TonePrint app lets you beam in any sound that the full-size pedal offers and using the TonePrint Editor, you can tweak it to perfection.
If you're missing the Sub 2 knob, you can easily beam in a setting that lets you dial in any amount of subsonic mayhem from the Up knob.

Backstage Pass - All Access
Dialing in a sound on the Sub 'N' Up Octaver Mini is as easy as it gets. 3 knobs and a TonePrint app and you've got everything you need.
With a low price point as well as a tiny chassis, this octaver is the cure for tightly crammed pedalboards in need of some sonic substance.