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Rocktron Introduces The ValveSonic Plexi

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Rocktron Introduces The ValveSonic Plexi

Rocktron ValveSonicPlexi

Rocktron is pleased to unveil the ValveSonic Plexi, the first in the ValveSonic series of all tube guitar preamps. Developed in conjunction with LA Custom, this preamp captures the vintage tones of the iconic British “plexi” amplifiers, from the early stacked amps of the 60’s, to the arena sound of rock in the 70’s, to the sound heard during the 80’s “Sunset Strip” era and beyond…all in one convenient rack space.

The ValveSonic delivers pristine tone, no matter the musical genre. Its 1-2 switch allows players to quickly toggle between the ‘modern’ type of input used on British style amps, and a fatter, “classic” type of input. The Bright control allows five different variations, and the gain and boost controls allow you to replicate the 80s and 90s British amp tones. When combining the use of the unique AFTERBURNER switch, the ValveSonic allows you to fine tune your exact tone.

Each ValveSonic model features a front panel input jack. The 1-2 switch affects the input of the tube stage in the preamp. When switched to “1”, the unit provides the more “modern” type of input used on British style amps. When switched to “2”, the unit provides a fatter, “classic” type of input used on vintage British amplifiers. The Tight switch is used in conjunction with the 1-2 switch; in the up position the input is “tightened up” much like more modern British amplifiers, while in the down position the tight function is not active.

The ValveSonic Bright control is a six position switch that provides five different bright variations to the overall tone found in British amplifiers, from vintage to modern, with 0 being off and 5 being the brightest.

The Gain control is used to determine the amount of GAIN Input level driving the ValveSonic tubes. Boost can be obtained by flipping the Boost switch to the On position. The Boost works in conjunction with the “+” switch. When the Boost switch is On and the “+” switch is in the down position you will obtain an extra gain stage that replicates the 80’s British type of tone. When the “+” switch is Up, you obtain an additional gain stage and essentially add an entire tube to the front end, replicating the 90’s British amps.

Bass, Middle and Treble controls determine the amount of these various frequencies present in the signal.

EQ 1 & 2 swtich replicates the two different style EQs that were used in British amplifiers over the years. In the Up position, (position 1), the “modern” EQ is replicated, providing a more midrange emphasis. In the Down position, (position 2), “vintage” EQ is replicated.

The ValveSonic series features a unique AFTERBURNER switch. This switch works in conjunction with the DRIVE control, providing yet another gain stage after the EQ section of the preamp. When the AFTERBURNER is turned On, this switch emulates a post phase inverter master. When On, you can utilize the Drive control to adjust the amount of Drive present in the AFTERBURNER stage.

The ValveSonic also features HIGH CUT control to adjust the High Frequency cut in order to roll off some of the high end “sizzle” when the high gain is used. The Master control determines the output level of the preamp.

The ValveSonic series has been carefully designed to provide pristine tone, no matter what your style of performance.

Input Impedance: 1M Ohms
Output Impedance: Input: 1/4" mono unbalanced (front & back)
Output: 1/4" mono unbalanced (line out & instrument out)
Tube Type: 12AX7EH
Power Consumption: 20w
Power Requirements: 100 ~ 120VAC/1.0A, 220 ~ 240VAC/.05A
Dimensions: 19" x 6.5" x 1.75" / 482.6mm x 165.1mm x 44.5mm
Weight: 5.5lbs / 2.5kg