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Hear Back PRO Digital Overlay personal monitor

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Hear Back PRO Digital Overlay revolutionizes personal monitor labeling
Ultra-clear OLED screens mean no more markers

Hear Back PRO 1

Hear Technologies is now shipping the newest bright idea, the PRO Digital Overlay, an accessory to their flagship Hear Back PRO personal monitor mixer system that makes their already straightforward HB PRO Mixers even more user-friendly.

The PRO Digital Overlay features bright, easy-to-read OLED screens that allow users to label each channel digitally (lead guitar, vocals, etc.). Once a channel or submix is saved to the Hub (via the iOS App or text file) the channel name will follow the channel – no confusion as to what channel is on what knob on a given mixer.

Easy to mount on the face of a Hear Back PRO Mixer, the PRO Digital Overlay allows users to label and easily identify channels. Hear Technologies used the brightest, clearest OLED screens they could find to make it easy to read channel names in any performance environment, from low light to daylight.
Using the dedicated iOS app or desktop application, the user can name each mixer and label each channel. The top screen on the PRO Digital Overlay provides feedback when you take actions such as adjusting master volume or panning. The engineer or producer can send messages to display on these top screens, too.

This new Digital Overlay complements the Hear Back PRO’s newest firmware – as you edit submixes or bank through channels, the screens over each knob change to indicate which channel is assigned to each knob.


Hear Back PRO 2

The Hear Back PRO personal monitor mixing system is the choice for recording studios, live performances, and houses of worship around the world. Performers can easily adjust their own headphone or in-ear monitor mix exactly how they want – no menus, just turn a knob. A huge upgrade from their original Hear Back system. Hear Technologies based their Hear Back PRO system on a modular design so it can speak anything from Dante to Waves SoundGrid to analog.

Hear Technologies is a world leader in professional personal audio monitoring equipment for live sound and recording studio applications.