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"Class Guitars Moby Dick"

Scritto da Alexander Claas. Postato in Musikmesse 2015


Class Guitars
Moby Dick


Essential about the Moby Dick is the long neck joint. It creates a great transmission of the vibration from the neck to the body.
Also it is possible to use a very thin neck.

The neck is mounted with ten M5 machine screws. The screws are placed around the fretboard, so it guarantees a perfect playability of the highest frets.
Because there are so many screws, the guitar has a very long sustain, but also a clear, punchy overtone sound.

The headless design supports a good weights distribution, the guitar is very well balanced.
The headless hardware stays great in tune, because the strings are pulled straight backwards, instead of turned around itself.
Also there are no problems with vibrating strings behind the nut, interfering the sound.

Frets, side dots, all parts and screws are made from stainless steel, ensuring a long lifetime.
The screws for the neck joint and for adjusting the height of the pickups are mounted into threat inserts, so they can be tightened very strong without turning out of joint.

The push/push-potentiometer switches between the pickups.
The minimalistic design harmonizes great with the over all look of the Moby Dick, and also switching is very fast.