GHS Eastwood
 GHS Strings Partners With Eastwood Guitars GHS Strings is very excited to announce that they have […]
GHS Strings BassSoundsObsessionNAMM2018
GHS Strings Brings Bass and Guitar “Sounds of Obsession” To NAMM 2018 GHS Strings is excited to […]
GHS BanjoStrings
GHS New Nickel Plate 5 String Banjo Sets GHS is proud to announce their new Nickel […]
GHS New Balanced Nickel Bass Strings GHS is delighted to launch their new Balanced Nickels strings […]
GHS ShortScaleStrings
 GHS Strings’ Short Scale Strings Get Longer! GHS Strings are pleased to announce their short scale […]
GHS T shirts
GHS Strings Launch New T Shirts GHS Strings have just launched new T-Shirts, featuring the clever […]
GHS Rocktron On Tour With Flea
GHS & Rocktron On Tour With Flea The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bass player, Flea, is […]
GHS DanDonegan
 GHS & Rocktron On Tour With Disturbed Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan and bassist John Moyer are […]
GHS CoreBoomersGuitarStrings thick
GHS Thin And Thick Core Boomers Guitar Strings GHS add to their ever popular Boomer string […]